2019 A Time of Change

The 2019 Flat Track Season has arrived and with it comes a fresh start and at flat track in Canada.

2018 saw the start of SODA in Southern Ontario and with this a new tournament structure for teams in the province to showcase their best and play towards a tournament final, 2019 will continue this trend with a series of bouts already scheduled for SODA.

After a season away Wellington Roller Derby has brought back the Winter Wipeout Tournament once again. This dynamic tournament in March sets the stage for the other tournaments to come for the rest of the season and for the last couple of years has been a showcase for continued champions Durham Region Roller Derby, will 2019 be threepeat for this league?

Put Up Your Toques is back again this season and after last year's success Tri-City's showcase tournament promises to be even better then previous years and a nice showcase heading into the summer season of Flat Track.

Of course there will be other things to look forward to this season with Beast 2019, Fresh and Furious 2019 set to return once again this year, with so much more in the works this year it will be exciting to see how things unfold when the teams take to the track once again.

See you track side!


  • Derby Wrap-Up

    Our Derby Wrap-Up will return as soon as our coverage of the 2019 Flat Track Season Begins. See you track side!

  • Canadian Flat Track Rankings

    Here are your updated Cross Canada Rankings for January 2019 and the start of the 2019 Flat Track Season

  • MRDA Standings

    Here are your updated Men's Roller Derby Association Rankings for January 2019 and the start of the flat track season

Canadian Top Ten
January 2019

Ranking Team
1 Montreal Roller Derby
2 Les Sexpos
3 Calgary Roller Derby
4 E-Ville Roller Derby
5 Terminal City Rollergirls
6 Royal City Roller Derby
7 Winnipeg Roller Derby League
8 Toronto Roller Derby
9 Tri-City Roller Derby
10 Ottawa Valley Roller Derby


MRDA Top Ten
January 2019

1.Saint Louis GateKeepers1002.3
2.Bridgetown Roller Derby987.7
3.Roller Derby Toulouse (Me...931.8
4.Southern Discomfort Rolle...925.2
5.Texas Men's Roller Derby920.8
6.Magic City Misfits920.7
7.Manchester Roller Derby (...889.5
8.Philadelphia Hooligans883.9
9.Your Mom Men's Roller Der...877.4
10.Denver Roller Derby (Men'...876.1