Royal Brawl 2018 Becomes A Showcase For Royal City

It's been a couple of weeks since Royal Brawl 2018 has come to an end and even after this time there is still a buzz in the air from the tournament.

Each day of the Tournament had memorable bouts, from the opening game on Day One between Tri-City and Toronto to the closing bouts on the final day in particular Sunday's Game Four between the Brute Leggers and E-ville Dead and the memorable Game Two between Ithaca and Tri-City that saw Tri-City keep coming back and prevail after all four of their jammers suffered injuries at various points during the game and took the win. Overall it was a tournament to remember. Here are the final results from that weekend.

Friday May 25

Game One - 4pm
Toronto Roller Derby All-Stars - 72nd
Tri-City Roller Derby Thunder - 89th
Winner: Toronto 216-131

A friendly rivalry was renewed between these two teams and given the history of both teams throughout the formative years of the sport in Canada and watching both teams go through a rebuilding period it was a great bout to see the hard work of both teams payoff.

Game Two - 6pm
Ottawa Valley Roller Derby All Stars - 75th
Ithaca League of Women Rollers Sufferjets - 93rd
Winner: Ottawa Valley 171-93
This was a chance to see Ottawa Valley in action after the merging of Rideau Valley and Capital City. The chemistry of the merge worked well on the track and Ottawa Valley played a strong first game.

Game Three - 8pm
Royal City Roller Derby Brute Leggers - 59th
North Star Roller Derby Supernovas - 69th
Winner: Royal City 174-140

With only 10 spots separating these two teams in the rankings (at the time of this tournament) both teams looked to be evenly matched. By this time the crowd had grown to watch the home team hosts take to the track and the evening ended with a great action packed bout

Saturday May 26

Game One - 10am
RCRD Rum Rollers
Ohio Roller Derby GangGreen
Winner: Rum Rollers 315-71

A non-sanctioned bout started Saturday's events. It was great to see how far the Rum Rollers have come this season and how much they compliment their sister team, The Brute Leggers.

Game Two - 12pm
ORD All Stars - 51st
E-Ville Roller Derby E-Ville Dead - 47th
Winner: E-ville 325-111

For the first time of the weekend E-Ville finally took to the track. With having Team Canada's Shania Pain on their roster this game would be anything but dull and it wasn't. Even though E-Ville dominated the scoring Ohio did put in a great performance as well.

Game Three - 2pm
ILWR Sufferjets - 93rd
ToRD All-Stars - 72nd
Winner: Toronto 184-112

These two hadn't met since last summer and the last time they met Ithaca took the win. But this was Toronto's turn and they impressed. With their roster running on all cylinders they put on a strong performance. Even though Itacha was short some of their own roster and coaching they kept pace with Toronto even after a couple of ejections.

Game Four - 4pm
OVRD All Stars - 51st
TCRD Thunder - 89th
Winner: Ottawa 141-115

Ottawa is no stranger to playing Tri-City having done so at previous Beaver Fever Tournaments. So this match-up was a nice bout to watch to see how the players from Capital City held up against Thunder. An enjoyable bout overall.

Game Five - 6pm
EVRD E-Ville Dead - 47th
NSRD Supernovas - 69th
Winner: E-Ville 219-132

E-ville returned for their second game this time against Minnesota. It was hard to predict who would be the better team and E-ville would show that they even after playing one game earlier in the day they were still ready to bring their best and take the win.

Game Six - 8pm
RCRD Brute Leggers - 59th
ORD All Stars - 51st
Winner: Royal City 287-106

Just like on Friday night the Brute Leggers took to the track last to put on another great game. Both teams have met before so the match-up was pretty much even but again the Brute Leggers pulled ahead on strong jamming and took this win.

Sunday May 27

Game One - 10am
ORD GangGreen
Queen City Roller Girls SubZero Sirens
Winner: Sub Zero 259-175

A nice "warm-up" game to begin the final day of Royal Brawl. It was nice to see the Sirens in action and watching them play against GangGreen showed how well Queen City is doing overall with their league.

Game Two - 12pm
ILWR Sufferjets - 93rd
TCRD Thunder - 89th
Winner: Tri-City 217-133

Sanctioned action continued as Ithaca and Tri-City came together to officially begin the final day. With Tri-City at a full roster and all their jammers ready to play and rankings aside they came to play. Although suffered injuries to all their jammers during both periods of play they all still continued to play and bring the win. Ithaca for their part had enjoyed a good weekend track side playing with only a fraction of their roster and no coaches and even though all three bouts they played in resulted in losses they should be proud to have played as strongly as they did with the current circumstances.

Game Three - 2pm
ORD All Stars - 51st
NSRD Supernovas - 69th
Winner: North Star 269-157

A nice final matchup between these two teams. Both couldn't take wins away from the previous two days but Ohio was finally able to take this one home with them.

Game Four - 4pm
RCRD Brute Leggers - 59th
EVRD E-ville Dead - 47th
Winner: E-ville 199-156

Two Team Canada Jammers on opposing teams coming together to play. What wasn't to like about this bout? Watching Brute Leggers' Artuso and E-Ville Dead's Shania Pain play against one another was enjoyable to watch as both brought it to the track. This game could have gone either way through both periods of play and both teams were pretty evenly matched throughout. But E-Ville pulled ahead and took the win closing out a memorable weekend for both teams.

Game Five - 6pm
OVRD All Stars - 75th
ToRD All-Stars - 72nd
Winner: Toronto 246-91

The final game of Royal Brawl saw these two teams, who won their bouts over the weekend come together to end off the weekend. Both were evenly ranked, both undefeated and both were in the processes of rebuilding their teams after substantial changes. There was talk that Ottawa Valley was the team to watch this weekend but in the end it was ToRD that was the team to watch as they played strongly and with spirit and you couldn't help but think back to the days when the All-Stars were CN Power. They came on strong in this game and the final score showed that ToRD was back and were ready to be on the move. A great end to a memorable weekend of action.

With the tournament in the books here is how all the Teams are now ranked with the release of the May 31st Official WFTDA Rankings that came out June 5th.

E-Ville Roller Derby - 46 (up 1 spot)
Royal City Roller Derby - 52 (up 7 spots)
Toronto Roller Derby - 66 (up 6 spots)
Tri-City Roller Derby - 73 (up 16 spots)
Ottawa Valley Roller Derby - 86 (down 11 spots)

The US Teams Rankings as of June 5th, 2018

North Star Roller Derby - 60 (up 9 spots)
Ohio Roller Derby - 59 (up 8 spots)
Ithaca League of Women Rollers - 99 (down 6 spots)

See you track side!


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Canadian Top Ten
Augsut 15th, 2018

1.Montreal Roller Derby961.6
2.Royal City Roller Derby812.1
3.E-Ville Roller Derby808.1
4.Calgary Roller Derby807.4
5.Les Sexpos802.6
6.Terminal City Rollergirls801.9
7.Winnipeg Roller Derby Lea...763.9
8.Orangeville Roller Girls763.3
9.Ottawa Valley Roller Derb...759.1
10.Tri-City Roller Derby758.9

MRDA Top Ten
August 15th, 2018

1.Saint Louis GateKeepers1014.8
2.Bridgetown Roller Derby988.8
3.Philadelphia Hooligans929.1
4.Manchester Roller Derby (...915.2
5.Southern Discomfort Rolle...909.9
6.Texas Men's Roller Derby904.5
7.Roller Derby Toulouse (Me...901.4
8.Magic City Misfits894.2
9.Denver Roller Derby (Men'...888.7
10.New York Shock Exchange881.6

Released July 16th, 2018

Rank +/- League W L Weight Score
1 Victorian Roller Derby League ASIA PACIFIC 10 0 9.07 1,261.44
2 Rose City Rollers NORTH AMERICA WEST 14 1 8.28 1,151.44
3 Gotham Girls Roller Derby NORTH AMERICA EAST 9 2 7.99 1,111.27
4 Denver Roller Derby NORTH AMERICA WEST 6 5 7.4 1,028.54
5 Arch Rival Roller Derby NORTH AMERICA EAST 8 5 7.1 987.43
6 +1 Texas Rollergirls NORTH AMERICA WEST 8 6 6.26 870.48
7 +5 Montreal Roller Derby NORTH AMERICA EAST 7 6 6.12 850.57
8 -2 Angel City Derby NORTH AMERICA WEST 9 6 5.98 832.07
9 -1 Jacksonville Roller Derby NORTH AMERICA EAST 8 4 5.91 821.81
10 Crime City Rollers EUROPE 6 9 5.68 789.4